Triumph in Motor City

First-Time Author on a Winner

First-Time Author on a Winner

What an interesting first week of the New Year it has been. there is the usual rush at the gym on January 1st, dying down to the usual handful of people by the late afternoon; The new loves; rekindling of old flames; reviving last years broken and disillusioned resolutions; and a half page article in Quest Newspapers on Daddy’s Girl with a not-so-flattering picture of yours truly. 2015 has gotten off to an interesting start indeed.

On Friday the January 2nd i put on a nice frock, dolled myself up and smeared a ‘mysterious’ smile on my face while I was photographed for the lifestyle section of South-West Quest Newspapers. To tell you the truth, it was one of the hardest things i have ever done! I don’t envy the models and beautiful people out there anymore, let me tell you. Just so you can experience my intriguing struggle – look mysterious. Right now. Pose your face in a way that is mysterious. It’s hard right? and what the hell is a ‘mysterious’ look. Automatically my mind conjurers up the image of a man/woman wearing a black or grey velvet fedora hat, with a large trench coat, dark rimmed glasses leaning up against the wall of a seedy alleyway reading a newspaper, nonchalantly of course. So how on earth do i top that look, or even attempt to replicate it. But after about 100 clicks of the camera and a period where i looked like the naughty librarian out of certain adult films, both the camera man and I were under the impression that i had ‘mastered’ the look. And i used that term very loosely.

The end progress, which i have only just seen is highly impressive. I look less like the naughty librarian, and more like an authentic crime writer, minus the fedora. Daddy’s Girl is highlighted perfectly and no one can even tell that the picture was taken in my house, let alone at my dining room table. I guess that’s the magic of correct lighting, flash devices and other gizmos in the photography world. The article itself, written by the lovely Rebecca Danslow, is fantastic! (If i do say so myself) It peaks ones interest in the book in a subtle way, as well as the author. Have a peruse of the article for yourselves and let me know what you think – I’m always intrigued to answer questions or hear your thoughts. Or even your experiences!…

All in all a brilliant start to 2015! What’s on the agenda now? I have another interview scheduled for another newspaper which will get underway sometime this week. Hopefully I’ll get asked to look ‘mysterious’ again – this time I’ll have it down pat!


About laurenbradshaw1990

Lauren Bradshaw was born in Liverpool, England in 1990, before migrating with her family to Cairns, Australia. Growing up in Cairns, Lauren spent her time between friends, family and working her way up the primordial food chain. Graduating in 2007, Lauren was accepted into University and moved to Brisbane, Australia to start her adult life. She worked hard, studying a Bachelor of Nursing, and a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, eventually deciding that she would continue her studying and make a dent in her dream career - a Forensic Pathologist. Lauren's first book published in 2014, Daddy's Girl, is a heart stopping crime thriller that encompasses her love of crime, medicine and the things that go bump in the night.
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