Politically-Correct1Can you remember the days where you would wake up in a cold sweat, eyes frantically searching the room, breath quick, and hands trembling after a nightmare? Presumably when you where a child. What was the first thing you did? Aside from hope to God that monster under your bed doesn’t reach up and grab you, sucking you into his dark and treacherous world. You would call out to your parents, or siblings. Or run into their rooms screaming bloody murder. Usually, depending on your age, you would be welcomed into the warm niche that was your parents bed, snuggling up to their warm bodies. Safe from the monsters and cretins that haunted your room and safe to go back into blissful slumber. You were safe. You felt safe and that feeling never changes. So why the hell is it now an issue of perversion if a child is found in bed with his/her parents? Why is it now wrong to teach children the real nursery rhymes, like Baa-baa black sheep? Why is it morally wrong to utter terms such as blackboard, Christmas or manholes? And when the hell did we become so obsessed with political correctness?

It’s becoming ridiculous! I mean, take the nursery rhyme Baa-baa black sheep for example. There are such things as black sheep. They are real. They exist. The rhyme itself has nothing to do with race, ethnicity or culture, it’s about sheep. Plain and simple. So why change an entire rhyme to reflect a multicultural community when the song isn’t even about communities. It’s about sheep! It’s ridiculous, very ignorant. The term ‘black’ has no racial connotation to it unless you solely give it one. It’s a shade. Are we going to ban the color black? Are we going to change black tea or black coffee to something more multicultural suited? I can just see the new Starbucks “Hi, yes can i order 3 of your inked coffee’s; one of them a triple shot. Can i also order a shaded tea, and can i get 2 sugars in that as well please? Oh and a chocolate chip muffin to please”. What an utter waste of life.

Additionally, I read an article with regards to Sia’s latest video “Elastic Heart” and I really can’t understand what people see as inappropriate in it. Yes a 28-year-old and a 12-year-old are dancing in skin colored body suites. There is no sexual connotations surrounding the dancing, nor is there any hint of sexual provocativeness between the two actors. I saw the video clip as more of an animalistic clip, especially with both Shia LeBouf and Maddie Ziegler hissing and pulling faces at each other during the ‘cage fight’. Baboons and other primates do similar things in order to assert dominance, play, fight or even find their own kin. Social media went into uproar sprouting hateful and incorrect messages of pedophilia, child abuse and perversion. It’s an interpretive dance!

siaThis society is obsessed with seeing the evil or the morally wrong in situations that now it’s harder to find whats right. I understand that there are those out there who are perverse, who are offended by certain terms, but we have taken politically correctiveness too far. What will the future be like? Fathers scared to hold their children’s hands in fear of being labelled a pervert. Teachers and schools banning black markers and coloring implements with a fear that a child may go crazy and draw a black person. We have gone over the top on politically correct. Overdosed on the fear of unacceptability.

I would like to pose a question, in light of all the politically correctivness that’s apparently society requires nowadays – what if the reason behind you seeing all of this perversion; the reason behind you feeling offended by nursery rhymes or the feeling that we need to change everything, even the names of colors, in order to promote a more multiculturally acceptable community, is because that’s what you choose to see? You choose to see the bad, the ugly and the offensive. You choose to see the 28-year-old abusing the 12-year-old in a dance. You choose to see the words gay, black, manhole and Christmas as negative. You choose to see the world as perverse, wrong and morally incorrect. But what if you didn’t?


About laurenbradshaw1990

Lauren Bradshaw was born in Liverpool, England in 1990, before migrating with her family to Cairns, Australia. Growing up in Cairns, Lauren spent her time between friends, family and working her way up the primordial food chain. Graduating in 2007, Lauren was accepted into University and moved to Brisbane, Australia to start her adult life. She worked hard, studying a Bachelor of Nursing, and a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, eventually deciding that she would continue her studying and make a dent in her dream career - a Forensic Pathologist. Lauren's first book published in 2014, Daddy's Girl, is a heart stopping crime thriller that encompasses her love of crime, medicine and the things that go bump in the night.
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