Sex, Drugs & All-nighters

late nightEarly to bed and early to rise,

makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

WRONG-O! What if i were to tell you that those old wives tales that your parents used to tell you when you were little in order to get you in bed, and out of their hair, are incorrect? You wouldn’t believe me right? You would probably think i was just trying to blow some fantastical smoke up my own backside for self importance reasons, yeah? Well then you would be wrong… again. Recent studies performed by various researchers in Oxford and Cambridge University has discovered that not only are the illustrative Night Owls of higher intelligence than their Morning Lark counter parts, but are more open towards sexual exploration, sexual expression, and drug use.

Sexual exploration and expression are all part of life. You are born with something dangling between your legs, or neatly tucked away inside yourself; you have the natural urge to figure out what it does; you inevitably like what it does, and therefore you continue to find or do things that bring around the same feelings of euphoria, pleasure and release. And with sexual exploration comes open-mindedness; now, why are these open-minded people so hard to find – or look like they haven’t seen a shower in several months? It’s probably because they are all huddled together in a large 8-person high orgi, drinking champagne from delicate glass flutes and eating chocolate truffles (talk about pleasure!) In order to be open-minded one must have a certain level of intelligence, because the ability to engage in an open sex life comes with abilities of introspection, logical though and reasoning, which require some level of intelligence, all of which is, if you think about it, reasonably true.

sex drugs rock and rollDrugs. The second part of the “genius trifecta”. Oxford and Cambridge Scholars have stated that smarter people are more likely to do drugs – smoke pot or do a line – when compared to the average Joe. According to many studies, this is because, and also quite an entertaining thought, smarter people are less likely to make “smart” decisions, however they are more likely to pursue the more evolutionary novel choice, or the choice that opens up their mind further so as to experience more of what life, love and people have to offer. We all have that one friend that could potentially break the double encrypted code to the CIA’s mainframe, access and rig lottery numbers or simple get you a better interest rate on your mortgage without having to look at your finances, who makes AWFUL decisions. GENIUS! They have an innate ability to inherently expand their horizons, get more out of life and experience every inch of the universe; while you sit at home… drinking your night time tea and readying yourself for your usual 9.30PM bedtime. Additionally, Psychology Today  states that those with an IQ of 125 of higher are exponentially more likely to use drugs.

The third and final part of our cerebral triforce is that of late nights, which play a leading role in the lives of smart people. Cramming the night before an exam. Finishing your thesis paper at 2 in the morning are all normal to the highly mentally developed. “Why The Night Owl Is More Intelligent,” published in the journal Psychology And Individual Differences, says that for several millennia humans have been largely conditioned to work during the day and sleep at night. Those that buck the trend, the paper suggests “…that more intelligent individuals may be more likely to acquire and espouse evolutionarily novel values and preferences than less intelligent individuals.” Additionally, the paper goes on to state that those who are more liberal and more inclined towards atheism are more likely to be intelligent, probably because of the open-mindedness.

Essentially, if you are more free thinker, always up for trying something new, pushing your boundaries and thinking introspectively, you’re most likely intelligent. There is significant evidence to suggest that if you spend less time hitting the books, and more time doing a line of cocaine off your girlfriend or boyfriends naked derriere until the wee hours of the morning, you are probably a prodigy! Or an addict… but lets go with the prodigy status. So what are you waiting for? So if you’re getting laid at 3am on Sunday morning and have a full bowl packed beside the bed and you aren’t going to church the next day, you’re probably a genius.


About laurenbradshaw1990

Lauren Bradshaw was born in Liverpool, England in 1990, before migrating with her family to Cairns, Australia. Growing up in Cairns, Lauren spent her time between friends, family and working her way up the primordial food chain. Graduating in 2007, Lauren was accepted into University and moved to Brisbane, Australia to start her adult life. She worked hard, studying a Bachelor of Nursing, and a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, eventually deciding that she would continue her studying and make a dent in her dream career - a Forensic Pathologist. Lauren's first book published in 2014, Daddy's Girl, is a heart stopping crime thriller that encompasses her love of crime, medicine and the things that go bump in the night.
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